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A3C To Host Panel On Hip Hop and Social Justice With Marc Lamont Hill

A3C To Host Panel On Hip Hop and Social Justice With Marc Lamont Hill

A3C has partnered with Marc Lamont Hill to host a conversation on social justice and Hip-Hop at the A3C Conference on Friday, October 7th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.  Stic (of Dead Prez), Kawan “KP” Prather and Taj Anwar will be joining Marc Lamont Hill for the very last event of the 2016 A3C Conference.

The discussion will focus on the influence and role Hip-Hop music and culture has played in the recent efforts for social justice in America.  How has Hip-Hop advanced social causes and helped underserved communities, and where has the Hip-Hop community fallen short?  What should be the responsibilities of Hip-Hop artists, and how can they use their platform for real change?  They’ll be discussing the issues that disproportionately affect the Hip-Hop community and solutions to the problems we can fix.

stic.man of dead prez
Kawan “KP” Prather

In related A3C16 news, A3C Action, a national competition to find, support, and invest in new, innovative ideas that use art, music and hip-hop culture as a vehicle to advance social justice and civic engagement. A3C Action invites organizations from around the country to submit ideas.  A3C is a partnership with Atlanta’s Center for Civic Innovation (CCI).

2016 A3C Action Finalists

  • Armed Services Arts Partnership – ASAP (Arlington, VA)
  • Creative Core (Washington, DC)
  • Girls Make Beats (Miami Lakes, FL)
  • Notes for Notes (Atlanta, GA)
  • re:Imagine (Atlanta, GA)
  • Shooting without Bullets (Cleveland, OH)
  • The Village of Arts and Humanities (Philadelphia, PA)

Each group will go through two days of intensive business training, mentor sessions and pitch preparation with the Center for Civic Innovation.  A3C Action is supported by Choose ATL and MailChimp.

A3C Action: Activism Meetup at The Loudermilk Center on Fri, Oct 7th from 11am – 12pm

A3C Action Pitch Night at The Loudermilk Center on Fri, Oct 7th from 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Judges for A3C Action Pitch Night include: Alissa Black (Omidyar), David Lee (Atlanta Hawks), James Cuthbert (Sprite), Terrilyn Simmons (ChooseATL) and Jay Carter (One Musicfest)

A3C Action seeks creative projects that address systemic social justice challenges and opportunities for civic engagement. This includes, but is not limited to, ideas that work to empower citizens, increase access to essential rights like a great education or fair treatment in the criminal justice system, and address issues of economic opportunity, income inequality and ownership. A3C Action aims to increase new, diverse audiences of creatives and artists at the public problem solving table.



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