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Black Twitter Defends ‘Black Panther’ Trailer and Poster

Black Twitter Defends ‘Black Panther’ Trailer and Poster

The season of the Black Panther is almost upon us.

On Friday (Jun 9), during game four of the NBA Finals, Marvel Studios unveiled the new Black Panther poster and trailer. While most who are true Marvel fans were geeked about the teasers of the first black superhero, others were red with disapproval and disdain, complaining that the fictitious black king is too militant for their liking. Some even went as far as to say the film is too violent like the Black Panther Party and accused Marvel Studios of pushing a violent agenda.

Despite the overflow of white tears, Black Twitter was not here for the hypocrisy as tweets begin to quickly flow in defense to the long awaited superhero. Many fans pointed out that not only is the superhero older than the Black Panther Party but the term “black panther” has been around since World War II.

Other defended the Black Panther Party, acknowledging their nonviolent attributes to the black community such as opposing police brutality and racism.

But most did not care too much about the negativity being thrown at the new superhero because Marvel’s has had a long history of only white superheroes. The first Black American mainstream superhero was introduced during Captain America: Civil War movie in 2016. Black twitter quickly pointed out that the naysayers ignored the “white and militant” superheroes that Marvel’s have released.

It is clear that most who are complaining about the Black Panther has never read the comic book series in which the movie is based, because if they had read it they would know that the comic book touches on modern issues that the black community faced during the 1960’s and 1970’s such as racism and the KKK.

It is clear that the Black Panther has the support of the Black community. Let’s just keep the momentum up for another 8 months when it comes to theaters February 16, 2018.

Check out the trailer below.

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