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Childish Gambino Releases New Single “Me and Your Mama” [Listen]

Childish Gambino Releases New Single “Me and Your Mama” [Listen]

Childish Gambino is known for being a little mysterious, but his ingenious and mystique is part of the reason he’s able to captivate us as fans. It was reported that Gambino’s forthcoming album would be released sometime next month and that is certainly looking like the case, as he releases a new single.

After reports surfaced that Gambino was releasing his first album in two years next month, fans instantly scoured the net looking for confirmation and over the last two days Gambino has given them just that, with the release of his cover art and first single.

From his forthcoming album Awaken, My Love!, Childish Gambino released “Me and Your Mama,” as the first offering of what we can expect on the 11-track album. The six-minute track leaves no true conclusion for what the rest of the of the album will sound like, but it does give us an interesting blend of Soul, Funk, and Rock on an almost hypnotic track that proves we will without a doubt be blessed with an interesting album by far.

The three-part song begins quietly and builds to a soulful, grooving affair with a female gospel-tipped chorus before it turns up into a stomping blues-funk second passage where Gambino’s passionate vocals kick in.

“Do what you want/ I’m telling you/ Let me into your heart/ Can’t stand it, backhanded/ They want to see us falling apart/ You know that I love you/ So let me into your heart,” he sings, spitting raw and poetic flows with a rock inspired intense approach.

Awaken My Love! is scheduled to be released on Dec. 2, on Glassnote Records. Check out the new single below.

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