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DJ Premier Tells Hip Hop, ‘Step Your Game Up’, with Pigeons and Planes [Watch]

DJ Premier Tells Hip Hop, ‘Step Your Game Up’, with Pigeons and Planes [Watch]

30 years in the game and DJ Premier is still wrecking stages and dropping hits, but the legendary hitmaker is also known for keeping it real and letting Hip Hop know it’stime to step it’s game up.

In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, Preemo sat down and discussed his thoughts on current emcees and the lack of skill most put forth.

“I say this all the time, if Big L, and Pun, and Biggie were alive, I actually think the bar would be still so high that these artists that are saying all this nonsense, they wouldn’t be able to get in now.”Premier said, “Jay [Z], Eminem, same thing. If you ever cross them, they’re gonna sneak up outta nowhere and destroy you.”

Despite having harsh words for the emcees, Premier also took some time to address the DJs in the game letting them know that Hip Hop is more than just Top 40 radio.

“I have a radio show on Sirius XM called Live From HeadQCourterz. I’m playing nothing but bangers that are reminiscent of the ’80s, when [Kool DJ] Red Alert, Marley Marl and Mr. Magic, Chuck Chillout, Awesome Two, Hank Love and DNA. It’s the same style of what they were doing,” Premier continued. “Just, in 2016, there’s so many records that come our way that are available right now on iTunes or whatever. New York radio, it’s only: ‘if you’re not relevant, you’re not getting played.’ [New York radio does not even] do mix-shows dedicated to your era or nothin’. But you call yourself ‘the home of Hip-Hop.’ You’re not the home of Hip-Hop if you don’t dedicate [time to] the pioneers somewhere in that mix.”

Although his criticism was real, Preemo let it be known that his critique excluded New York City’s reigning radio mix-master, Funkmaster Flex.

“That’s what I like about Flex. Flex plays all the stuff that may be a lil’ out there or whatever. But there’s [also] times where … I’ll get calls from the homies and stuff going, ‘Yo, turn on HOT 97, Flex is goin’ in right now!’”

The interview Wasnt just critiques, Premier also discussed his upcoming collaboration album with MC Eiht, titled Which Way Is West and his upcoming D&D studios documentary and solo album  Last Session at 320.

“[MC Eiht]  approached me and said ‘Hey, man. I got all these songs. I don’t know what to do with them.’ I liked ’em. I said ‘Hey, man. Run ’em through my label’”, Premier said. “I’m also working on a solo album which is tied into the history, documentary of the D&D Studio. Jay Z, Nas, everybody that worked there has already done the interviews for the doc. The documentary will come along with the album. The album’s gonna be called Last Session @ 320, because 320 is the address.”

Check out the interview below:

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