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E-40’s “Function” Certified Gold

E-40’s “Function” Certified Gold

The RIAA Has Certified E-40’s  “Function” Gold


Just as E-40 prepares for the release of his upcoming new double album The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2 on November 18th, the RIAA has certified his 2012 hit “Function” Gold. The lead single from his 2012 album Block Brochure: Welcome To the Soil Vol. 2 , “Function” featured YG, IAMSU!, and Problem and a high-energy, bass-heavy beat supplied by League of Starz.

An instant hit, the track captured national attention leading to the resurgence of West Coast party music. “Function” marks the second Gold plaque 40 has earned this year, with his smash hit “Choices” having been certified back in May.


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40 Water explained why the song was so successful, stating,

“‘Function’ changed the sound of the West Coast. The energy rejuvenated memories of 2006. I put myself, YG, Problem and IAMSU! all on one song with two of us representing Northern California and two of us representing Southern California. We went gold independently and sold over 500,000 singles, now that is an accomplishment!” 

Big Boy

Nationally syndicated radio host Big Boy agreed, explaining,

“[‘Function’ is] one of those records that gave the world what they needed from the West Coast. ‘Function’ is certified Gold with the RIAA, but it is Diamond on turf.”

Brian Shafton, CEO and Founder of RBC Records, a consultant for E-40 and Sick Wid It Records since  2004, put this achievement in perspective, explaining,

“Going Gold as an indie artist is a major feat. Not only does the artist have to deliver a hit record, but he also must market his material with an indie budget. It doesn’t happen often in this era. Some may even call such an accomplishment a fluke but when it happens to the same artist twice in a year, it is a major achievement. The industry is officially on notice with this tremendous movement.”

Brian Shafton
(Via Los Angeles Music Network)

Never one to rest on his laurels, E-40 has stayed active since the release of “Function.”E-40 is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming double album The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2. Last month he released the lead single, “On One,” featuring fellow West Coast rapper AD. The new club banger is just a taste of what’s to come on 40 Water’s 44-track album that will mark his 26th and 27th solo releases, slated to hit the streets on November 18th.

Hit play and rewind that “Function” video below.

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