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T.I.’s Hustle Gang Tour Has It’s Grand Finale in Atlanta

T.I.’s Hustle Gang Tour Has It’s Grand Finale in Atlanta

Fresh from his Canadian tour to support his politically-charged album, Us Or Else, T.I.  jumped straight to his Hustle Gang Tour as he traveled to several states with his colleagues. About a month ago, fans were excited to learn that the Atlanta rapper added additional dates to his Hustle Gang Tour. With the new dates, there was an Atlanta stop added as the final stop.  The Hustle Gang tour kicked off April 26th in Mobile, Alabama and was intentionally suppose to wrap up on  June 11th in Jacksonville, Florida, but it just couldn’t end there.

Father’s Day 2017 was a cloudy one in Atlanta. The rain held back as Atliens as well as out-of-town concert goers rushed out of their Uber rides or quickly got their cars valet parked so that they could move expeditiously to the newly built Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre. T.I. and Hustle Gang fans flooded the security lines and then patiently waited to enter the Roxy Theatre.

The inside of the venue was filled with beautiful chandeliers and energetic fans.

The first Hustle Gang artist to perform was Translee of Huntsville, Alabama. While trying to start things off right for the gang, Translee experienced mic issues. That’s when he stated, “f*** the sound man, God is definitely in the building.” The potential-packed Hustle Gang artist stunned the crowd throughout his set with his lyricism. The newcomer gained many new fans after he wrapped things up.

There was no Iggy Azalea on stage to rep, but there was a new Hustle Gang female rapper to fill that void and solidify her own spot. Florida female emcee, Tokyo Jetz hit the stage being energetic as she put her laid back personality to the side. Jetz’s charisma came through the mic as she performed a slew of hits, including her remake of Yo Gotti‘s “Down in the DM.”

Around 10:50 p.m., Grand Hustle vet, Big Kuntry King wrapped up his set and made way for the king.

Documentary styled footage filled the screen on the concert stage with old video clips and baby pictures of T.I. right before he finally took the stage. T.I. made his grand entrance to the stage performing his Mannie Fresh-produced hit “Top Back.” The crowd went wild as they rapped every lyric right along with him. After 30 minutes of going through hits, T.I. brought out 2 Chainz. 2 Chainz performed “Watch Out” and the radio smash “Good Dank” from his recently released album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

T.I. returned to the stage around 11:27 p.m. when 2 Chainz finished and stated, “y’all know this wouldn’t be a Hustle Gang tour without my brother.” That’s when Young Dro hit the stage wearing white golf shorts and a pink sport’s coat. Young Dro performed all of his hits including “Shoulder Lean”, “FDB”, “Shoulder Lean”, and more.

After Young Dro’s set, T.I. let it be known that the show was not over. He then brought out Kap G  who performed his hit, “Girlfriend” and B.o.B. who performed all of his classics as well as his new hit, “4 Lit.”

At midnight, T.I. made a final return to the stage. This time to perform more of his own classics. Before he got into his performance, he paid respect to late rappers Doe B and Peanut Da Don. After that T.I. got into a song that he stated, “started trap music.” That’s when he performed “Dope Boyz” from his debut album, I’m Serious. He moved on to perform his verse from “Stand Up”, in which he did acapella as the crowd rapped along.

T.I. stopped in the middle of performing his hits to give a small motivational speech. He let the crowd of fans know they could do anything they wanted as long as they followed their dreams. That’s when blue and purple ribbons and confetti burst into the air as if it was a New Year’s celebration. It was like a celebration as he performed his Rihanna-featured hit, “Live Your Life.”

The night ended with all of the Hustle Gang artists joining T.I. on stage along with the majority of his children, in honor of Father’s Day. Right when the ending greetings were being said, legendary comedian Dave Chappelle rushed on stage to join T.I. for a selfie.

It was a beautiful night. Hustle Gang over everythang.

Check out a fan recorded video of the show below.


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