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J. Cole Drops “Eyez” Documentary, Takes Shots at Mumble Rap and Kanye West [Watch]

J. Cole Drops “Eyez” Documentary, Takes Shots at Mumble Rap and Kanye West [Watch]

J. Cole is back and has officially confirmed the suspected release of his new album 4 Your Eyez Only by dropping a 40-minute documentary featuring two new videos exclusively on Tidal.

In the documentary titled, Eyez, Cole gives fans a glimpse of what it was like for J. Cole to create this album. Showing all aspects of the emcee, from the creative to the disconnected, Eyez serves as a great way to announce to fans the release of his long awaited follow up to 2014 Forrest Hills Dr and sent the web into a frenzy with the release of the videos for “One Day Everybody Gotta Die” and “False Prophets”, both of which are seemingly taking shots at the current state of Hip-Hop and the artists in it.

With the first single, “One Day Everybody Gotta Die”, which samples the classic A Tribe Called Quest track, “Lyrics to Go”, Cole is dropping classic bars taking shots at the mumble rappers and false “woke” ones alike as he raps:

“I take your favorite major rapper left him independent/ Cryin’ in the corner/ ‘Cause I ain’t into sorta-kinda-dissing niggas I’m border-line addicted to slaughter/ Line up niggas in order of who you think can really fuck with me most/ Then I tuck the heat close and if he duck then he ghost/ Ain’t no need for discussion if they ain’t talking ’bout the bread then these niggas is toast/ Clap at the fake deep rappers/ The OG gate keep rapper/ The would you take a break please rappers/ Bunch a words but ain’t saying shit/ I hate these rappers/ ‘Specially the immature eight week rapper/Lil Whatever, just another short bus rapper”

As if that wasn’t enough, Cole seemingly goes straight at Kanye West with, “False Prophets”, coming from both a fan and insider’s point of view, Cole questions what it is we all could have done to prevent the meltdown of Kanye West while also raising the question about West’s behavior that everyone thinks is new, could have really been there all along.

“Life is a balance/ You lose your grip you can slip into the abyss/ No doubt you see these niggas tripping/ego in charge in every mood he’s a star/ and we can’t look away due to the days he caught our hearts”

Whether Cole is “dissing” Kanye as it’s being widely reported or warning about the dangers of fame, either way “False Prophets” serves as narrative as to why Cole remains out of the spotlight and disconnected from it all. As he reveals in Eyez, when he’s not creating an album his focus is “family and music-that’s it”.

4 Your Eyez Only drops December 9, check out the documentary and two new videos below.


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