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Kanye West Discloses Reason For Visit with Donald Trump [Watch]

Kanye West Discloses Reason For Visit with Donald Trump [Watch]

After almost imploding Twitter once news broke that Kanye West met with President-elect Donald Trump today, Kanye West took to his Twitter account to explain the eclectic move.

As previously reported, less than two weeks  after being released from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, Yeezy was seen heading into Trump Tower in New York this morning and later exiting and taking a few pictures with Donald.

Kanye explains that the visit was simply to discuss “multi-cultural issues”, including bullying, education, modernizing school curriculums, and the spur of violence in Chicago.

Kanye also stated that he felt communication with Trump was important if we wanted to see change before leaving off with the hashtag 2024, which many speculate is when he is officially planning to run for a political office.

Long time friend and collaborator Talib Kweli among many others have openly discussed Kanye’s stance toward Donald Trump, in an interview with VLAD TV, Kweli discussed why the public endorsement by Ye’ is not only foolish but dangerous.

“First off I want to say I am praying for my friend and brother Kanye West, he’s going through something that is very personal and deeper than what any of us can even imagine on the blogs and websites”, Talib said. “He is a lightning rod and a trendsetter, one of the most important cultural figures that we have ever seen and because of that, he’s earned a respect that shouldn’t be taken away from him in terms of our culture of Hip-Hop music. But Kanye has isolated himself from personal aspects of his life, so when I see my brother in a very public space asking for people to call him and uplifting Trump, I feel like as someone he respects I have to say something because that’s not the wave. When he talks about Jay [Z], or a Mark Zuckerberg, I have nothing to say on that because they are grown men but uplifting Trump is dangerous because of the ideology he supports.”

Watch the interview below:

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