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Lil Wayne Says “F&#% Cash Money In They @$$” At Concert


It’s no secret that Lil Wayne and Birdman’s relationship has been on the rocks as of late. And just recently during a performance in Syracuse, NY, he yelled to the crowd “Fuck Cash Money in they ass.”

The not-so-nice words spewed at CMR came was the New Orleans rapper was closing out the show, saying, “You have been motherfuckin’ amazing. My name is Tunechi. I’m here on behalf of Young Mula motherfuckin’ baby. Fuck Cash Money in they ass. Holla back.”

Weezy has had an ongoing $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money, and back in September, he shot slugs at the Number One Stunna on Solange’s song “Mad.”

While Birdman apparently has no plans of releasing Mr. Carter from his contract, that still didn’t stop Tunchi from going in on him and the label. During his performance at Camp Flog Gnaw last month, he threw up the Roc-a-Fella diamond at the beginning of “I’m Me” and switched out “I’m a motherfucking Cash Money millionaire” in favor of “I’m a motherfucking Roc-A-Fella millionaire.”

And that was not the first time Tunechi adjusted lyrics to air out his differences with CMR. He changed the last line of his verse on Chance the Rapper’s single “No Problem” while performing on Ellen.

“And if Cash Money tries to stop me, I’mma let ’em rob me, yeah right, like Ryan Lochte,” he rapped.

Wayne has been slowly showing his alignment with Jigga. Last year during his performance at Oakland’s Summer Jam, he said, “I just signed a deal with my motherfucking idol Jay Z!” As it turned out he was referring to his contract with Jay-Z’s music streaming site Tidal.

Last week, Tunechi announced the coming of a new project titled Funeral during an interview on skateboarding podcast The Nine Club. He says that he doesn’t have a release date for the project at this time but he did say that he has “a bunch of good news coming soon.

“If you are a Wayne fan,” he continues, “I know we’ve been going through a lot of tough times right now, but if you are a Wayne fan, we’re about to hold our heads high soon.”

Check out the announcement around the 56:20 mark.

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