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Is Rick Ross Flirting with Martha Stewart?


Rick Ross appears in the teaser clip of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart‘s new VH1 show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, and it appears that the biggest boss was feeling Martha.

“I also wanna make some noise for Martha ‘cuz baby got back,” Ross said, before he told her about his 100-room mansion that she should visit.

“What do you need 100 rooms for?” Martha asked.

“Get creative…decorate,” Ross replied.

“You’re raising my temperature,” Martha jokes.

It was first reported back in August that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg would have a cooking show together. Rick Ross appears on the second episode of the show. Their first episode welcomed actor Seth Rogen and rappers Wiz Khalifa and Ice Cube.

The show, full of laughter, weed and some cooking, seems to date back to 2008 when the Doggfather appeared on the homemaker’s show, when he taught her the slang term “fo’ shizzle.”

Watch the first episode of the show below.

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