Home THE GRIP REPORT #MusicMonday Jay Electronica Drops New Album, ‘Exhibit A’ via YouTube? [Listen]

#MusicMonday Jay Electronica Drops New Album, ‘Exhibit A’ via YouTube? [Listen]

#MusicMonday Jay Electronica Drops New Album, ‘Exhibit A’ via YouTube? [Listen]

Has Jay Electronica finally returned to music?

Many fans seem to think so after It appeared that Jay Elect dropped an album on Youtube, but is it from a fan or the man himself?

On Monday (Jun 19), a fan noticed a youtube channel that had a plethora of remastered tracks from the New Orleans emcee. The name of the channel is called The Science of Everything in Life. The channel which is unverified has this cryptic message in the description of each video, saying:

“For nearly 76 Trillion years this channel has given faithful service to the Young in Heart; and Time has been powerless to put its kindly philosophy out of fashion. To those of you who have been faithful to it in return … and to the Young in Heart … we dedicate this channel. Best Regards and Well Wishes, Yours Truly.”

One thing we know from the career that Jay Electronica has had thus far is that the man is unpredictable and that he moves on his own terms. Many fans feel like this is the mastered masterpiece we have all been waiting on for years, but some still feel like the internet may be up to a cruel trick once again.

Jay Electronica himself has yet to confirm or deny either allegation leaving fans clamoring for the project before it possibly gets removed. Either way, the 28-track project has no featured appearances but is definitely packing heat.

Hopefully, this means we will get an official release, but you just never know what Jay Electronica is going to do next.

Take a listen to “Exhibit A” below.

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