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Odin Lloyd’s Mother Speaks Out For the First Time Since Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide

Odin Lloyd’s Mother Speaks Out For the First Time Since Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide

For the first time since the death of former New England Patriots tight-end, Aaron Hernandez, the mother of the late Odin Lloyd, Ursula Ward finally has spoken out about his death in a press conference on Friday, April 21.

In the raw video captured by ABC affiliate WUMR-TV 9, Ward’s lawyer Doug Sheff spoke on her behalf along with her attorneys. Sheff stated that she believes everything that has happened thus far was “God’s will” and that it is ultimately in the hands of a “higher power”.

“She believes that the final judgement is at the hands of a higher power,” said Chef And she accepts everything that has happened in the last few days as God’s will.”

He continues by adding that they are looking forward to the outcome in the forthcoming civil suit for a wrongful death case against Hernandez.

Now that the criminal cases are over, she is looking forward to her civil case,” he explains. “A wrongful death case where the focus will not be on Aaron Hernandez, frankly she’s heard enough about him. The focus will be on Odin Lloyd, his focus, comfort, assistance, support, and love for his family.”

Sheff adds that the outcome of the wrongful death case may lead to the New England Patriots organization to pay $6 million to Odin Lloyd’s family from Hernandez’s latest contract. He says that this is due to a legal technicality called, “abatement”.

During the press conference, a reporter asked Ward what makes the civil case so important to her. She replied, “Its not about the civil case, its about Odin Lloyd. It’s about families that lost their loved ones and we need justice.”

Ward continues by telling the press about her new found responsibility to speak out for the families who are suffering as she is.

“There’s so many families out there in the world that does not have the opportunity that I have right now to speak on their family’s behalf because the media is not involved in their life,” she said. “There’s so many unsolved murders out there that the media’s not involved in. And it’s not even about Odin Lloyd. It’s about the person that committed the crime for Odin Lloyd. If it wasn’t for that, you guys wouldn’t be here to ask me questions about Odin Lloyd. So today, I’m speaking up for Odin Lloyd and the families who are fighting for justice and doesn’t have the voice I can provide for them.”

Ward, while holding back tears, expressed that the case has caused old wounds to re-open in regards to Lloyd’s death.

“You will never know and you will never understand unless you’re in that boat. I lost my best friend, I lost my son, I lost the love of my life, I lost the strong boy in my family that I will never ever see,” she said.

The families of Safiro Furtago and Daniel de Abreu will also be moving forward in a civil suit against the late Hernandez.


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