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OG Maco Talks HIV Rumors and Suicidal Thoughts With VLAD [Watch]

OG Maco Talks HIV Rumors and Suicidal Thoughts With VLAD [Watch]

OG Maco is no stranger to controversy, so when he sat down with VLAD TV he broke down all the rumors surrounding himself and disclosed that the HIV rumor was started by a feuding ex.

“I was high on acid and I called her and told her I wasn’t going to be able to make it somewhere because they didn’t have what I need,” OG Maco said, “How that turned into me having AIDS, I don’t fucking know. “

The “You Guessed It” rapper said that he made a phone call to his ex after a night of heavy drug use stating that he was unable to go with her on a couples trip and after the two split, his ex began feuding with his then girlfriend and released the audio recording of the phone call, fueling rumors from there.

“Those two just started beefing and trying to hurt on another”, Maco continued. “Next thing I know I am being blasted about a phone conversation that I didn’t even know was being recorded and now I’m dying to everyone on the streets.”

In regards to his mental health, Maco states that at one point in his life he contemplated suicide and gave major props to Kid Cudi for being open with his own battle to shed light on the seriousness of the issue.

“Man that was a dark time in my life, like even when you listen to that phone call you can tell how close I was to not being here,” Maco said. ” I was contemplating suicide because it was so many people treating me like shit after I had built all this stuff with no support. I was just done with it all man.”

Check out the transparent interview below.

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