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Pharrell and Willow Smith Take on Chanel Fashion Show

Pharrell and Willow Smith Take on Chanel Fashion Show


Chanel presented their annual Metiers d’Art fashion show in Paris last night with a roster full of star power. Pharell blessed the “Paris Cosmopolite” runway and newbie fashion muse Willow Smith performed her politically charged single “November 9th.” The event was held in a dining room at the Ritz Paris, Coco Chanel’s former residence and the looks paid tribute to the prominent time of elegance for women and fashion in the 20’s and 30’s.

Pharell’s look consisted of an elaborate embroidered coat, waist length with diamond studded double C coat pin. He confidently floated around the room showing off the number and his nonchalant smirk.

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Willow Smith dressed to impress before her performance as she rolled in with her mom Jada Pinkett Smith looking equally as stunning. In their chic all black ensembles the mother-daughter duo showed when it comes to having major style the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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For the show the model’s adornments were extravagant seeing that the event is held to honor the 11 Chanel design studios who skillfully craft the luxurious accessories and embellishments Chanel is known for. The show featured lavish displays of flowers and pearls, feminine ruffles, excessive layers, luxe cream tones and of course tons of tweed.

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Neither Skateboard P or Willow are strangers to the Chanel world with both having been brand ambassadors for label in the past. Pharell starred in the 2014 Metiers d’Art promo film and the 2015 pre-fall campaign. Earlier this year Willow did her first campaign as Chanel eyewear’s ambassador.

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Pharrell is an industry certified style icon and Willow is one of fashion’s favorite newcomers. Seeing that the brand’s revered creative director Karl Lagerfeld faithfully features his favorite models in Chanel’s fashion ventures, we can look forward to seeing more of the two in the fashion future.

Previews of the upscale event can be seen on Chanel’s official Instagram page @chanelofficial.

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