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Pimp C’s Port Arthur Estate Overwhelmed in Debt

Pimp C’s Port Arthur Estate Overwhelmed in Debt

Nearly nine years after the death of Texas rapper Chad “Pimp C” Butler, Jefferson County court records show that the Butler estate owes millions to a former manager and the Internal Revenue Service, as reported by Beaumontenterprise.com.

Back in May, a bank moved to foreclose on Butler’s home on Oakmont Drive in Port Arthur, which is valued at about more than $300,000, as the estate owes more on the home than it is worth, records show. Butler made millions of dollars as half of rap duo Underground Kingz. But those funds have since dried up, according to Craig Schexnaider, an attorney for Chinara Butler, Pimp C’s widow.

“Everybody thinks there’s all of these millions of dollars but it doesn’t exist,” Schexnaider said.

Chinara Butler coordinated the release of Pimp’s posthumous album Long Live the Pimp last year, but record sales did very little to settle debts.

“Pimp C died close to broke, not by his choosing,” Schexnaider said. “There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow here. There isn’t even a rainbow. There’s actually very little, if anything. There’s more bills than anything, and all of this happened before (Pimp C) died.”

Public records show a $7.2 million federal tax lien, $5.1 million owed to former UGK manager Byron Hill and the Port Arthur home in foreclosure with more than $322,000 owed on the home as of December 2015, with delinquent monthly payments dating to August 2009, Jefferson County probate records show.

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