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Prince Paul and DJ Premier Talk Hip Hop and Shell Toes with Talkhouse [Watch]

Prince Paul and DJ Premier Talk Hip Hop and Shell Toes with Talkhouse [Watch]

Two legends of Hip-Hop, DJ Premier and Prince Paul, sat down in to have a legendary conversation via Talkhouse about their careers, style and culture at NYC’s state-of-the-art Sonos Store in Soho.

The podcast which streamed live via Facebook, featured Hip-Hop’s “Golden Era” producers getting real about their opinion on the current state of hip hop and their feelings on the younger generation catching so much flack for their lack of knowledge and skill when it comes to the genre.

“There was a little controversy with Lil Uzi Vert from Philly because he couldn’t freestyle to “Mass Appeal”,” DJ Premier said. “First off “Mass Appeal isn’t a record you throw on to freestyle to, but people was getting on him because he said he didn’t want to freestyle over my beat; but as I said before he doesn’t have to. Soon after he DMed me and asked me to help him in any way I could get better and that’s why I gave him the shout out on Twitter because he’s willing to learn.”

Preemo also shouted out Travis $cott‘s father for encouraging him to get into music.

“Travis $cott’s father was my OG when I was a kid,” Premier continued. “Back in the day, his father taught me how to play bass and drums. [Travis $cott] music may not be a style that I rock with, but he comes from a very musical cloth so he knows what he’s doing.”

In regards to veteran artists trying to mimic the culture of the youth, Prince Paul and Premier felt it was important to act your age.

“To me when artists our age try to mimic the youth to stay relevant, I liken it to me trying to wear skinny jeans and a tight sweater. Not knocking anyone in a tight sweater,” Paul said. But me being a man of a certain age, there are certain things I won’t do, you know when I see a dude trying to rock a sweat outfit with some hard bottoms and a Yankee fit, I look at him like, ‘what’s that?” [laughs].

Check out the videos of the epic sit down below.

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