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Remy Ma Speaks on New Project, Claims of Plastic Surgery, Internet Trolls


As vocal as she has always been, Remy Ma spoke exactly what was on her mind during a recent interview on The Cruz Show.

After expressing her disgust for rappers who don’t write their own lyrics, her allegiance to Beyonce and announcing her anniversary with Papoose, the Castle Hill, NY rapper addressed Nicki Minaj’s claims of her having plastic surgery.

“I’m still waiting for before-and-after pictures…This is all me,” she says while bouncing her brown double Ds in the air. “Every last bit of it….But if it wasn’t, I would say that. It becomes a problem when you (are) fronting and you acting like it’s not.”

In “No Frauds,” Nicki raps that Remy does on the contrary have construction done to her body and has before and after pictures to prove it. “I’m waiting,” Remy responds to Nicki’s pictures. “I’m patiently waiting.”

“But you point your fingers at me? I’m the bad girl?” said Remy Ma. “All these fake asses influenced by that girl. Dying from botched surgeries. What a sad world.”

See the full interview above.

The ongoing feud between the two New York ladies was officially declared back in February when Remy released scathing diss track, “ShEther.”

After it was speculated that Nicki Minaj had taken shots at Remy Ma in her “Make Love” verse, Remy has wasted no time with a comeback, sharing a new freestyle over the beat from Nas’ infamous diss track “Ether.”

The seven-minute track features Remy taking it back to the streets with lines that definitely sting. From taking shots about rumored ghostwriting, to crew hopping, and even touching on her brother’s legal issues; Remy definitely pulled a veteran trick out of her bag.

“You stole that line about bitches being your sons/How you take my ’09 jail tweet and run/Talkin’ ‘bout bringing knives to a fight with guns/When the only shot you ever took was in your buns.”

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