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Scotty ATL Drops Introspective “Stupid Rich” Video Off ‘Daily Bread’ EP [Watch Now]

Scotty ATL Drops Introspective “Stupid Rich” Video Off ‘Daily Bread’ EP [Watch Now]

Scotty ATL returns with the video for “Stupid Rich,” a ruminative, Southern-fried, guitar and organ-driven thumper. Though the song’s title suggests a boast, “Stupid Rich” is less materialistic and more sorrowful: “If I had a dime/for every single time/all you n*ggas lied/I’d be stupid rich.”

In the half-black-and-white video, directed by Sonny Bonoho and Ife Adeniji, the Cool Club CEO travels to Eugene, Oregon to reflect on his hardships, intercut with confessional, full-color close-ups of Scotty in a dark room. Produced by veteran beatmaker Cory Mo (Rap-A-Lot, UGK), “Stupid Rich” is the opening track to Scotty’s recent Daily Bread, an album rooted in tragedy and triumph, focusing on Scotty’s personal growth and lessons learned.

Scotty ATL spoke on his latest visual stating,

“This video is simple but powerful. Represents the pain and joy I’ve been through this year. This song and video shows that no matter what you can make it to the top, that’s why I’m solo in it, thru all the lies and bullshit mfs feed you, press through and shine on they ass. At the end of the video you see I shed a few tears… We shot it in Oregon and when we shot that scene by the river, I couldn’t do nothing but reflect on my homies that I lost this year that I talk about in the first verse (‘long live Bank’). Sometimes I’m working so much to keep my mind off stuff like that, but when I had a chance to really be still and listen to what I was saying I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. We had to actually stop shooting cause it was so powerful the whole camera staff was crying.” 


Scotty also added,

“The vibe of “Stupid Rich” sets the tone for the whole project. It has a gritty ATL sound to it–it reminds me off Ghetto Mafia. It was hard, straight to the point, still clever. A lot of people can relate to that. It’s produced by Cory Mo (UGK), and he can fuse the ATL sound and the UGK sound. Cory was like Pimp C’s little brother, and now I’m like Cory Mo’s little homie. It’s like the game from Pimp C is being passed down to me through him. We like family, for real. This is one of the best tracks we’ve made together so far. The black-and-white of the video shows raw emotion. There’s not a lot of theatrics in the video but you can connect with the song and person. You know what I’m saying is true.”

“Stupid Rich” is the fourth visual to emerge from Daily Bread. Check out more of his introspective heat below.

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