Home THE GRIP REPORT Shia LeBouf Talks Love for Hip Hop Before Ripping Mic on Sway in the Morning [Watch]

Shia LeBouf Talks Love for Hip Hop Before Ripping Mic on Sway in the Morning [Watch]

Shia LeBouf Talks Love for Hip Hop Before Ripping Mic on Sway in the Morning [Watch]

Shia LaBeouf may be known for acting and directing, but he’s also a huge Hip Hop fan.

This morning LaBeouf stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk to Sway Calloway and discuss his new movie, marriage and his love for Hip Hop. During the interview, LaBeouf stated that he grew up in a predominately Mexican neighborhood attributing Hip Hop to helping him cope with being different.

“When I was growing up, Hip Hop kept me grounded because I was the only kid in a Mexican neighborhood”, LaBeouf said. “The first album I bought was a Wreckx-n-Effect album, I listened to Heavy D, 2Pac, a lot of lyrical artists; because when I was growing up you had to know how to freestyle, break dance or something to survive.”

Besides discussing his upbringing, LaBeouf let Sway know that his real desire with coming on the show was to show naysayers he had the skills to compete with the bests during the “5 Fingers of Death” Freestyle segment. LaBeouf,who calls himself the Jewish 2Pac, starts off paying homage to legendary emcees Biggie and ‘Pac, before taking things in a different direction.

During the freestyle, LaBeouf began taking shots at two of 2016’s most popular rappers, Drake and Lil Yachty (aka Lil Boat). In the case of Yachty, Shia criticized his lack of lyricism stating:

“Where did spitters go? Garbage litter shit they wrote / Miss me with that little boat / Cause bigger individuals committed to these principles / Was livin’ on they tippy toes / Sink ’em with a hippy’s hope / Consider them the misanthropes.”

As for Drake, Shia added his name to the list of people throwing shots with the claim that he doesn’t write his own lyrics, saying:

“This trash rappin’ in October / Who wrote what for who? It’s all so below par / Substandard, used to be a litmus / If you didn’t write your own shit you got dismissed.”

Despite handling himself on the mic, Shia tells Sway that his love of Hip Hop keeps his freestyles as a way to stay connected, but don’t expect an album from him anytime soon.

Check out the full interview below:

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