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Soulja Boy’s Antics Criticized by No Plug, Charlamagne tha God, The Game’s Manager Wack 100 and Fans

Soulja Boy’s Antics Criticized by No Plug, Charlamagne tha God, The Game’s Manager Wack 100 and Fans

Soulja Boy has had more beef cooking than a steak house as of late. Within the past 48 hours, he threatened actor Shia LaBeouf and banned him from Atlanta, released a diss track aimed Migos member Quavo, earned Charlamagne tha God’s the not-so-coveted “Donkey of the Day Award” and warned by both Atlanta rapper No Plug and The Game’s manager Wack 100 to cool his jets.

The bad blood between LaBeouf and the “Crank Dat” rapper first began when SB caught wind of Shia’s freestyle that was aired by Charlamagne Tha God on Power 105.1, where he rapped: “Not a Nautica boy, I own myself/This whole thing’s a bit absurd but on my word/Is Boat about to get this work/You spit that dirt…/Him and Soulja on that shout out shit/This is not, this a murder, this is tragedy man/He’s like Lil Romeo meets Raggedy Ann.”

Soulja then took to Instagram to let the actor know that he better not set foot in Atlanta and that he should stick to acting.

“You a bitch ass nigga; you can’t never come to Atlanta. You can’t never come to the streets in the hood,” Soulja Boy said. “You can never live my life. You need to stick to acting, real shit nigga. This rap shit ain’t for you nigga, for real have some niggas pull up on you, fuck Shia Labeouf… Nigga, fuck you talking about? Keep my name out your mouth; you don’t want no beef, on my mama. You better stick to acting nigga cause this shit get real.”

Fuck Shia LaBeouf!!!

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LeBeouf responded to SB’s threats yesterday in a new freestyle entitled “Hat Trick,” where he compares SB to a kumquat and addresses the threats.

“I’ll be in Atlanta when my schedule is flexible,” he spits. “Dealing with dummies, both of you should take some classes. The masses asked for this hat trick. Eating red vines and the guy who writes on sunglasses.”

Along with Shia, Atlanta rapper No Plug had a thing or two to say about SB’s banishment of someone from the A-town.

“Nigga know who run the fucking city, man. You better keep cranking that shit and Superman’ing that hoe nigga, Soulja Boy you gon’ get your ass spanked,” No Plug says in an Instagram video.

“Fuck wrong with you boy. You know this 9th ward PDE shit nigga, this our city nigga. Stop saying you run this shit fuck nigga, before we beat your ass. Keep beefing with these rap niggas. Real street nigga boy, stop saying you run my motherfucking city boy, Atlanta’s mine, Slaughter Gang shit, nigga. Fuck wrong with you.”

Another Atlanta rapper that SB has exchanged words with was Quavo. On Monday, Soulja shared screenshots on Instagram of an apparent text message conversation with the Migos rapper about “fake kicking it.” As the conversation escalated, SB claims to introduce Quavo to Sean Kingston and Travis Scott. He then threatens Quavo with physical violence.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 1.27.29 AM

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 1.27.35 AM

The two rappers apparently did not meet up so Soulja Boy released a diss track called “Fuck Quavo” where he threatens the rapper with an AK-47. He also shared a video for the song, pointing an arsenal of guns at the camera.

While Quavo didn’t respond, an unlikely candidate did. Charlamagne tha God gave SB the title of “Donkey of the Day” today.

Added to that, Wack 100, The Game’s manager, wrote on one of SB’s IG posts to warn the “Crank Dat” rapper to stop.

“This is a losing battle,” Wack 100 wrote. “Your on the West. @quavohuncho is FAMILY & we gon deal with it like he’s family. Your right in the Valley my nigga I suggest you relax.”

#thegame manager and west coast OG #wack100 tries to tell #souljaboy to relax …..

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Most of the posts have since been deleted. However, social media pulled no punches in its reaction to the situations.

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