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Soulja Boy Tweets “Suck My D*CK” To Mona Scott-Young

Soulja Boy Tweets “Suck My D*CK” To Mona Scott-Young

Soulja Boy’s  beef with Love & Hip Hop producer Mona Scott-Young has gotten out of hand after  the rapper tweeted, “Suck My Dick @monascottyoung,” which has since been deleted. As previously reported, Soulja Boy said he was leaving Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood because it was “too ratchet” but Scott-Young claimed otherwise and said he was fired. She posted on Instagram, “IF I EVER GET FIRED I”M GONE TELL PEOPLE I QUIT TO PROTECT MY BRAND.”

TMZ reported two years ago that Soulja Boy was added to the cast “in a last-ditch effort to pump some life into the show,” as the show was “struggling with weak story lines and uninteresting characters.”

Not one for lacking interesting story lines, Soulja threatened to kill rapper Skrill Dilly on social media video after Skrill came to Nia Riley’s defense, alleging that Soulja Boy had been disrespecting her on Twitter.

Nia Riley, the daughter of Teddy Riley, is the ex-girlfriend of Soulja, who apparently has been sending slugs at Riley, as was the case with him flipping her off in the video. The problems between Skrill-Dilly and Soulja started back in 2014 when he accused the 26-year-old producer/rapper of jacking beats.

And just last month, SB shared a photo on his Instagram of a $25,000 paycheck which he said was for “one episode of LHHH.”

The Tweet has since been deleted. 

soulja boy

soulja boy

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