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Starlito and Don Trip Release the Third Installment in Their ‘Step Brothers’ Mixtape Series, Drop “Good Cop, Bad Cop” Video [Watch Now]

Starlito and Don Trip Release the Third Installment in Their ‘Step Brothers’ Mixtape Series, Drop “Good Cop, Bad Cop” Video [Watch Now]

When Tennessee titans Don Trip and Starlito joined forces in 2011 for Step Brothers, inspired by the 2008 Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly cult comedy, they developed a quick, infectious chemistry.

Don’s manic Memphis energy perfectly complemented Lito’s laidback Nashville charm as the two MCs traded weapons-grade punchlines, told stories, and generally had a blast rapping together. Six years later and still going strong, Starlito and Don Trip just released  Step Brothers Three, the duo’s most accomplished effort yet.

Combining the raw lyricism of the first Step Brothers with the quality storytelling and higher production value of Step Brothers Two, which peaked at No. 60 on the Billboard 200, SB3 boasts 15 tracks of straight fire, as the two MCs combine off-the-cuff wordplay with trenchant social commentary.

Starlito spoke on the new project, stating,

 “I truly believe SB3, as the numbers suggest, is the perfect combination of SB1 and 2. It’s a legacy project for Don Trip and myself. People appreciate the rawness of 1, where our focus was about rapping the best rap. Part 2, we tried harder for and we stepped up the visuals. With 3, we cover both of those. It’s the rawest, best rap and it also touches on those current topics that make it something that stands out in the marketplace. 

We started out with the Step Brothers concept because we were two artists from places where lyricism is accentuated. We’re oddballs just like characters in the movie. We’re unlike our peers and very much like one another.

We figured that out in a very short time knowing each other. It was a spontaneous friendship. We’ve evolved from Step Brothers to real brothers. It’s a lot more than just about showing up and doing the music or shows and then separating. The bond has expanded beyond being just work friends.”

1st single from “StepBrothers3” titled GOOD COP BAD COP Video available on Stepbrothers VEVO NOW!!

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To kick things off, Don Trip and Starlito take a nuanced, empathetic take on police brutality in urban areas, with “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” the first release from Step Brothers Three.

“Good Cop, Bad Cop” finds The Step Brothers trading bars, spotlighting two officers involved in a shooting over cinematic strings and a gospel choir. With stylistic references to Crash and Training Day, the video brings the song to life with an extended dramatization of the narrative.

Describing “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” Starlito adds,

“This song is our statement on the growing issue of police brutality, corruption, and violence on civilians. We’re attempting to create a healthy dialogue by humanizing the officers, and forcing you to look at the other side with perspective, no matter what side of the debate you fall on.”

Check out the video to “Good Cop, Bad Cop” below and stream Step Brothers Three here and cop on iTunes here.

step brothers 3 starlito and don trip

Step Brothers 3 Tracklist:

1. Yea 5X
2. Boomshakalaka
3. Bnb
4. If My Girl Find Out
5. Fortune
6. Me & You Both
7. What I Gotta Do
8. Good Cop Bad Cop
9. The 13th Amendment Song
10. 25th Song
11. 3rd 2nd Chance
12. Just Want It All
13. Remember
14. No Rearview 3 (feat. Robin Raynelle)
15. Untitled No Hook

stepbrothers don trip and starlito

Also catch Starlito and Don Trip on Karate In The Basement Tour Dates with Scotty ATL & Red Dot:

March 15 – 18, 2017 – Austin, TX – South By Southwest
March 23, 2017 – Detroit, M.I. – Saint Andrew’s Performance Hall
March 24, 2017 – Flint, M.I. – Z Club
March 25, 2017 – Bowling Green, K.Y. – Club Premier
March 30, 2017 – Dallas, T.X. – Trees
March 31, 2017 – Kileen, T.X. – Club Tabu
April 1, 2017 – Houston, T.X. – Warehouse Live
April 15, 2017 – Saint Petersburg, F.L. – State Theater
April 16, 2017 – Orlando, F.L. – Venue 578
April 21, 2017 – Mobile, A.L. – Soul Kitchen
April 22, 2017 – Knoxville, T.N. – The International
April 23, 2017 – Nashville, T.N. – Basement East

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