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T.I. Tells Why He Joined Anti-Donald Trump Protest in NYC


“I was around the corner at the studio – I just walked up there,” T.I. explains to Jimmy Kimmel why he joined in Anti-Donald Trump Protests in New York earlier this week. “People noticed me … Not all 12,000. The people who were around me kind of noticed me, but there wasn’t as much fanfare as you may expect in a large group. It was more so ‘Hey, that’s [T.I.]! Thank you for being out here with us. It’s great to see you here.’”

The 36-year-old Atlanta rapper said that he simply wanted to look his children in the eye and let them know he did everything in his power to show his objection to Trump as the new president-elect.

“When I look my kids in the eye after this thing takes place, I voted, and I’ve done everything I could prior to now,” he continues,” but after the decision of the election had happened, I just want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and let them know I did everything the constitution allows me to do to show my objection to this decision.”

As T.I. was leaving Le Jardin in Hollywood yesterday (Nov. 10), he spoke with TMZ reporters about the new president-elect, Donald Trump.

TMZ cameras also caught up with Tip while he was still in the Big Apple, when he again discussed his decision to join in protests.

“I think for the most part it’s just to show the nation the disapproval for the selection that has been made and how much objection that has been concurred by the people,” he says.

When the reporter asks him what his biggest fear is about a Trump presidency, T.I. replies, “The insurgence of all of the dark-cornered, racist, white supremacists and the oppressors that exist in the nation – just that they feel they have a spokesperson. And that can be dangerous … God is in control of all. And every war has casualties on both sides.”

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