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Toni Braxton in deep financial trouble… again!!!

Toni Braxton in deep financial trouble… again!!!

It is a good thing that Toni Braxton is now dating Cash Money CEO Birdman because the woman cannot seem to get her finances together. Maybe Mr. Williams can break her off a couple of thick stacks to stave off an IRS raid of her personal assets.

The eldest and most successful Braxton (in terms of singing career) has been hit with a brand new tax lien and it’s only been two years since she filed for bankruptcy for the second time.

According to reports, Braxton is being accused of not ponying up $125,000 in back state taxes, only two years after a judge discharged her massive $10 million debt in her 2nd bankruptcy case.

The lien, filed on Aug. 17, is with the State of California and they are reportedly set to begin seizing her assets if she doesn’t bring in some of those stacks to keep the state from unleashing the IRS hounds on her, the Jasmine Brand reports.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Grammy Award-winning singer has had tax and money issues.

Due to her health and money mismanagement, she’s already been forced to file two bankruptcies, most of which due to mountainous medical bills resultant from the medical malady lupus. The debilitating disease forced her to cancel very lucrative concerts and tours. It also convinced the insurance company that was underwriting her series of concerts at the Flamingo Casino and Resort Hotel in Vegas to pull the rug from under her.

This latest news of Braxton’s finances could be evidence of why she chose to link up with Birdman, who is notorious for throwing around lots of cash.

Meanwhile, Toni is set to hit the road next month with her “The Hits” tour where she’ll perform some of her chart-topping songs like “Seven Whole Days” to the mega-hits “Un-break My Heart” and “Breathe Again.” Braxton has yet to comment on this latest bit of news.

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