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Tuki Carter Drops His New Video “Make A Way” and Displays His Tattoo Skills In His Latest Visual [Watch Now]

Tuki Carter Drops His New Video “Make A Way” and Displays His Tattoo Skills In His Latest Visual [Watch Now]

Tuki Carter carves an unusual path through the music industry, combining his twin passions for rapping and tattoo artistry into a unique, compelling lifestyle. Providing a glimpse behind the scenes, Tuki tattoos a beautiful woman amidst a haze of smoke in the new video for “Make a Way.”

Filmed in stylish black and white, “Make A Way” depicts a typical evening in the life of the Taylor Gang artist, packed with rapping, smoking blunts, and inking artful tattoos. “Make A Way” is a departure from Tuki’s normal diet of club bangers and stoner’s anthems, revealing Tuki’s key philosophy towards balancing his two careers and his most important role as a father. “Make A Way” is the latest video from Tuki’s debut album Flowers & Planes, which he released at the end of April.

Speaking about his newly-released album, Tuki Carter explains, “Flowers & Planes is a lifestyle that includes music, tattooing, art, and just being great at what you do no matter the obstacles set in the way. It’s my first studio album and I’m a lil’ nervous, but the other part of the flowers and planes movement, which is weed, helps me with it all. Get it? Flowers [weed] and planes [paper]. I’m ready for the world to see what’s been in my head for the past few years and some change—including art and other things I’m about lifestyle-wise. Hella positivity.”

Featuring appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Go Dreamer, Chevy Woods, Rome Fortune, and others, Flowers and Planes boasts a diverse array of highlights, including the vicious, electric guitar-driven “Commando,”  the vocoder-laden opener “To The Max,” the slinky, bass-heavy “Brewster’s Millions,” and the party-starting Taylor Gang posse cut of the title track.

In related news, as part of W Hotels’ upcoming tattoo artist residency at their NYC hotels, Tuki Carter is hosting a week-long residency at the Times Square location where he will tattoo guests and produce a pop-up shop showcasing his art, skateboard decks, glass-etched ashtrays, and more. The official launch party will be on Wednesday, May 31.

Check out the video to Tuki’s “Make a Way” below as well as his project Flowers & Planes. 

tuki carterFlowers and Planes Tracklisting:

1. To the Max ft. Rome Fortune & Go Dreamer (Prod. by Protocal)
2. Changes (Prod. by BeatBoy)
3. Brewster’s Millions (Prod. by Rah Groove)
4. Make A Way (Prod. by SAP)
5. Flowers and Planes (Flight TGOD) ft. Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods (Prod. by RMB Justize)
6. Hollywood ft. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa (Prod. by RMB Justize)
7. Nobody ft. Ted Park (Prod. by SONIX)
8. Reindeer Dash (Prod. by TM88)
9. Bustin Loose (Prod. by Ducko McFli)
10. Jerry Maguire ft. Juicy J (Prod. by Big Jerm, Roofeeo, Wes Gradovsky)
11. Commando (Prod. by Big Jerm)

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