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Unreleased Lil Wayne Song “Dinnertime” Surfaces

Unreleased Lil Wayne Song “Dinnertime” Surfaces

Lil Wayne fans all around the world are waiting for his forthcoming album, Tha Carter V. There is no release date in site. The only thing we know about the album is that there are legal problems, money issues, and beef between Birdman and Lil Wayne. This is keeping fans from hearing new music from Wayne unless it’s a feature, remix, or DJ drop.

It looks like there is a leftover by the name of “Dinnertime” from Lil Wayne’s highest selling album of all time, Tha Carter III. The newly released track finds Wayne comparing other rappers to food.

In the newly released track, Wayne raps,

“Okay come be my appetizer/ My fruit my appetizer
My apple cider my colada / My papaya, how you want it?
I told the waiter what i wanted / I told him don’t bring me a plate
If it dont have a rapper on it / Chef ancient on the beat
And me im just snacking on it / Ya im eating with my hands
Im gonna need a napkin homie / You looking like a glazed pig
With an apple on it / Imma need a snapple homie
And another after homie / Snap crackle homie
There goes another rapper / Consider that bologna /You are just a macaroni
In my tuna casserole / Im getting fat and you bony
You looking like nicole / Richie call me biggie
I got faith and soul / Bowl of french of fries
Tellem bonjour /Boy i eat your food
Hot and cold / And im no where near full”

Listen to Dinnertime” by Lil Wayne below.


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