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Lupe Fiasco Reviews Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album by Writing a New Verse

Lupe Fiasco Reviews Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album by Writing a New Verse

Chicago emcee, Lupe Fiasco is one of the many artists to have great things to say about Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album. Lupe liked the album so much that he took to Instagram to share his review in the form of a rap verse. The verse is broken down into two posts. He posted two photos with the caption, “4:44 Review Part 1” and “4:44 Review Part 2”.

In the first verse Lupe wrote,

“Album dropped when I was overseas, data plans & coverage limitations wouldn’t allow a decent listen, usually like to oversee when I be whippin, back from china on a American, long story I’ll take you back there again,” Fiasco wrote. “For now let’s just focus on the pair of twins times 3, the 13th Jigga, had to make the review rhyme this time for you niggas, shit takes me back like Royal slippers, with sublime glimpses of that old spitter, baseline bully, he wouldn’t freestyle a whole album would he?”

Lupe continued with the second post and last half of the verse with,

“The second half meditation, sounds like what happens when education meets decorations for mass that met black witchcraft and went half on calf, holy cow, MARCY ME!, had to put it in all caps, the artistry separates the bullshit from the Bulls Chips, partially, all facts, how he gone take it there?” Lupe continues. “The beat feel like Sanaa Lathan hair…in slow motion, next to the ocean, wordplay gorgeous, 5 mics no sources, I ain’t publicly leaned back bopped in a while especially to this style of a portrait, vulnerable but not tortured, a fortress ain’t gotta force it, real time classic, a revival of the corpus.”


Checkout Lupe’s Instagram posts below.


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